• Africa Games Week
  • While the majority of Africa Games Week may be of interest and value to those passionate about gaming, it is not a consumer-facing convention. However, there will be a public expo at the event, where a carefully selected group of industry-relevant vendors will have stands, and where entry will be free to the public who want to learn more about the gaming industry in Africa.

    Interactive Art Installation : Me + The Machine

    We asked Aluta Null, an incredibly talented digital artist and game developer from Johannesburg, to curate a specialised art installation through out the event venue.

    Aluta has titled the exhibition “Me + The Machine”, alluding to the connectedness that exists between people and technology, in this case the digital gadgets that connect people to various digital worlds. Aluta has carefully chosen South African artists to create various aspects of the installation.

    Find the unique works of the talent below and be sure to tag them on Instagram in photos you take!

    Aluta Null   

    Erin Sweeney   

    Just R Mag   

    Nathan Gates   

    Themba Konela   

    Vipin Dhunnoo   

    Xopher Wallace   

    Live Music : Year Of Dogs

    Year of Dogs (YOD) is a four piece indie-funk-pop band from Cape Town, South Africa.

    DATE : 3 December 2022
    TIME : 1 pm
    VENUE : Workshop17, V&A Waterfront @ Africa Games Week

    “Much of our influence stems from groups like: Tame Impala, Mac De Marco, Parcels, MGMT, Jungle, and French house disco groups: FKJ, L’imperatrice, Polo and Pan, and Paradis to name a few.

    Our debut single, SWEET RED, was released in January 2021 to both critical and commercial acclaim and quickly gained the attention of various editorial playlists, news media, and industry stalwarts. This was followed by our second single, JADE, and third single, YOU GOT ME, released in February and May 2021 respectively.”

    Year of Dogs is comprised of Nic van Graan (vocals), Themba Bosch (guitar), Alex Birns (drums) and Dillon Birns (bass).

    Experience Virtual Reality

    Electric South will be part of the Africa Games Week Expo where you can experience VR technologies for yourself!

    Electric South is a non-profit company based in Cape Town. They collaborate with artists across Africa in emerging storytelling, through labs, production and distribution. They believe that new technologies must open up spaces for original voices and underrepresented narratives. They provide mentorship, production services, funding and exhibitions for a network of artists across Africa to explore their worlds through immersive, interactive stories including virtual and augmented reality, and other digital media.


    G4C Africa

    For years Games for Change (G4C)  has been empowering game creators and social innovators to provide real world impact through games and immersive technology. G4C Africa is the newest addition to the global family and we want to bring together everyone interested in using games to drive social, learning and business goals across the continent. G4C Africa and G4C Africa Festival aim to shine a spotlight on the abundance of talent from across the continent and demonstrate the power of games beyond entertainment.


    Epic Games

    Unreal Engine was developed by Epic Games in 1998. Initially developed for PC first-person shooters, it has since been used in a variety of genres of games and has seen adoption by other industries, including the film and television industry.




    Cape Town is a city that offers an excellent lifestyle, world-class infrastructure, ease of doing business, stable government, and an innovative and skilled workforce ready to help your business innovate. Through the Invest Cape Town initiative, the City of Cape Town aims to strengthen and promote our status as a high-performance, African business hub that supports big ideas and innovation. Cape Town has a world-class digital ecosystem, where resources and talent meet commercial and social opportunity. And through the Film Cape Town initiative, our aim is to provide platforms where game developers can get the opportunity to promote and showcase their work to industry markets on a global stage.

    For more information visit www.investcapetown.com.


    ITTHYNK Gaming is all about the development and commercialisation of African gaming IP. We achieve this through our:
    • Training Academy that develops scarce skills across the African video game ecosystem
    • Video Game Incubator that supports and funds African start-ups until they have a video game prototype. The Incubator provides seed funding, training, mentorship and marketing services to participating studios.
    We will showcase our previous cohort’s games and related projects at this year’s Africa Games Week.


    Toxyn Games is an outsourcing game studio focused on offering solutions to clients who lack the technical expertise to create their dream projects. We are also focused on assisting and mentoring junior talent within South Africa and aiding their development through mentorship and guidance to help the local industry grow. At Toxyn Games we put a Why? In toxic, promoting a safe, non-toxic, flat corporate structure that promotes equality and opportunity. We will be showcasing 3 passion projects, which have been refined through our consultation with local and international company leaders.

    Ghana Gaming

    In August 2022, the gaming community in Ghana came under one umbrella Gamers’ Association Ghana (GAG) to establish the first game development professional network in Ghana. GAG will be leading the Ghanaian delegation at AGW 2022 and will be exhibiting great works of Ghanaian Game Studios, Indie Developers & Game Enthusiast at our stand. Pioneering Ghanaian gaming organizations Leti Arts, NubianVR, Africa Comicade & E-Sports Africa Association will be represented alongside a team of dynamic game developers & community builders. We would need game testers to come around to have a feel of what the Ghanaian gaming industry is up to.

    FOD / ADA

    The Academy of Digital Arts, Cape Town, will display examples of their 2022 game students final projects and other work, including behind-the-scenes videos of their live projects for a South African game publisher.

    Lecturers and students will be there to answer questions and connect with people from the game industry that are interested in a collaboration, and what the academy has to offer in terms ofalumni students and project opportunities.

    Spiel Fabrique

    Let’s discover the African Games Co-production Market: a mentorship program for indie video games studios. A unique opportunity to boost African game stories through co-production with Europe where studios can network and develop projects together!

    The first stage is focused on game design and business (with a focus on monetization, marketing, financing ad publishing). The second one is about the fostering exchange of cross-cultural expertise, enabling access to funding from European countries, facilitating the transfer of digital technology between the two continents, and fostering African-European co-productions to be produced and published worldwide. 9 African studios participated during the last edition. Come find out about the program and our alumni!



    A huge presence in the world of gaming – from the Mobile World of #GooglePlay, to endless hours of Gameplay shared to and consumed on #YouTube, and countless games hosted on #GoogleCloud; to their passion for growing and diversifying the gaming industry on all levels through programs and events – Google is the right sponsor for the work we do!


    Two degrees pioneered in collaboration between Electrical and Information Engineering and Digital Arts offer you the opportunity to work with what you love. Game design brings together the creative as well as the technical aspects of game creation. Both of these elements can be studied at Wits through these uniquely collaborative degrees: BA Digital Arts and the BEngSc Digital Arts


    Foolen Games

    We will first introduce Foolen Games project.

FOOLEN GAMES gives players the opportunity to collect coins while playing, reusable to buy real items that will be delivered to them in real life.

Foolen Games allows developers to earn money with a monetization system adapted to the African reality.

On TV, we will broadcast a presentation video and make a demo

Secondly We_are_gamers_afrika community.

WAGA is the community of players and African video games creators that we have created since 3 years to bring together all the players in the African video game industry, but above all to highlight video game creations and creators in Africa.


    Three of our Gaming Incubator studios will the showcasing their games. The aim is to expose the studios to some global role players in gaming and shine a light on their games. In addition, all three teams will be exhibiting their playable demos to gain valuable data from playtesters and connect with publishers and investors to help them access the market. The three studios are Atrybute Graphics, SouthGame Studio and Fotosynthesis Creations.


    Develop the singular skillset required to thrive in one of the most exciting, lucrative, and fastest-growing industries on the planet. The IIE BCIS degree in Game Design and Development equips students with the necessary skills to pursue a career in creating digital games for different platforms, from computers to platforms like mobile phones and other hand-held devices. A graduate will be qualified in both the programming and creative aspects of a career in designing and developing games; gamified applications and immersive content for new technologies.

    Honest Chronicle

    My presentation is going to be about how I was able to successfully market and promote my video game and the importance of content creation. I will be detailing how I started, the issues I occurred and a growing fan base was able to support me. And finally I will give an insight on what to do before releasing your game.

    Dimension 11

    Dimension 11

    We are a game studio based in Nigeria established by passionate game developers. We have developers with core expertise and experience in different areas of game development.

    We aim at bringing our rich African cultures to the global space through games and we are on the journey through our first game project “LEGENDS OF ORISHA: BLOOD AND WATER” which is an African Story-Based Action Adventure Role-playing Game. We have got positive feedback from Veterans and Experts in the global space and we believe that with the right gears and resources, we will be able to bring our dreams to realization. We are on the path of building the first African Game on console (Playstation and Xbox).

    We also aim at leading by a great example that African Games are really needed in the global space. We also aim at enlightening, motivating, inspiring and showing what’s possible in the African Games Industry by paying key attention to the quality, richness and feasibility of our products. We are Dimension 11 Studios!

    Chroma Pixel

    Chroma Pixel Games will be showcasing its new and big projects that will be released in 2023 namely ;



    Toys all race

    Buried memories

    All these games are African centered games that showcase and contribute to the African culture, we are so excited to show you what exactly these games are about.

    The Main Game is Bahaty, Bahaty is an Open RPG Game about an African Brave girl named Bahaty who is born from a royal family of Malamuna. Her quest in this game is to save her village from the evil shetani powers that hold void of what’s left in the village.


    Kaizo Pengu

    The stand at Africa Games week will showcase Vtubing with Adobes Character Animator for the Kaizo_Pengu Twitch Channel. Videos of the stream in action will be shown aswell as how the rig is created and operates during a live stream. Come chat about Vtubing and the potential it holds in the future for not just streaming. GG EZ Kaizo Pengu plushies will be available to purchase aswell

    V Master GJ+

    Hello there! I am Vedanth Panchoo, Independent Game Developer, Passionate Content Creator and Huge Geek at heart. I will be showcasing my own personal work including Snack Tick and Maze Jumper, however the main focus will be on the most recent Project that I have been a part of: Cap of the Lost Eras.

    This prototype was made during the Game Jam Plus Event hosted by Ronica Singh. My team and I were tasked with creating this Prototype under 48 Hours with at least one of 6 different themes in mind. During the course of Africa Games Week, I will be representing and showcasing this project.

    The Game is a Hybrid of a Classic Doom-Clone and Dance Dance Revolution. It is set in the streets of Brazil which are filled with Unknown Creatures that Lurk about. You will have to stop them and use the Power of Dance to Unlock new Abilities, Weapons and Pickups along the way! I hope you all enjoy it and I look forward to your feedback!

    Steam Line GJ+

    Steam Line Games/Game Jam+

    My name is Reece Bayley and I am currently teaching myself Game Development and Animation while doing other projects on the side. I will be showcasing our game Pipe Dream, the prototype of the game was made over the Game Jam+ weekend which lasted 48 hours.

    It is a Hack and Slash, Rogue-Like featuring an original story set in a Steampunk future where you play as a worker robot that is trying to escape the factory. Use upgrades to fight your way through the hordes of robots and unique bosses trying to stop you. Don’t forget to keep your steam meter up! I hope everyone enjoys and I would love to hear what you think!


    Dream Shards

    Dream Shards will be showcasing The Traveller game, an action adventure 2D game based on an comic we are working that follows the life of a teen named Rethabile “Retro” Robong who is an avid gamer who uses gaming as a way to find balance in the challenges he is faced with in his daily life. The game follows his adventures in a game called the Traveller where his goal is to be the number one ranked player.


    Kunta Content is an African game studio. We make great African games. We are currently working on HIRU. HIRU is a 3D Video Game for consoles & PC.

    HIRU is a Maasai prince, the teenage son of a Maasai king. He embarks on an epic journey across Africa to avenge his family & rescue his sister. From the Kilimanjaro mountain to the Congo forest & the Namibian desert, experience Africa like never before.


    Open Window

    The Virtual Window development team consists of a handful of lecturers, graduates and students from the Open Window that collaborate on projects and participate in several game jams throughout the year. The various games we create can all be accessed via https://virtualwindow.itch.io. One such project is a digital clone of our campus in Centurion, where students and people interested in the arts can socialise, learn and have fun together – available on mobile and desktop, with more development in the pipeline.


    TL Entertainment

    .Tura Life Entertainment

    I will be showcasing Explorium a game which markets Namibia to the world and also all the games that where created at Game Jam Africa this year, I will also go in depth and talk about TL Entertainment who we are and what we do and our plan to Gamify The Namibian Education System.

    Four Old Men

    Team Four Old Men is a game jam collective that has won the Campus Game Jam two years in a row. They will be showcasing their winning jam games alongside a selection of personal projects that show the individual skills and talents of each team member.


    The SAE Institute presents the work of young and upcoming creatives geared towards making the gaming industry their home. With the aim of contributing to industry, these game devs are keen on making waves and furthering the aesthetics and discourse of gaming in Africa. Come and view their initial forays into the field.