• Africa Games Week
  • Africa Games Week 2022 – COVID Policy

    While we are excited to welcome visitors again for an in-person event at Africa Games Week we are mindful that we are still in the midst of a global pandemic and as the organisers of Africa Games Week your safety is our top priority. With this in mind please note the following precautions we have put in place for Africa Games Week
    • Masks must be worn at all times
    You must wear a mask that is fit for purpose (such as cloth or medical masks) at all times while attending Africa Games Week. Face coverings that do not comply with best practices (such as buffs or bandanas) will not be permitted. Persons without appropriate masks will be denied entry into the event.
    • You must be fully vaccinated to attend the event or show a valid Rapid Lateral Flow test done on the morning of entry
    Admission to the event will only be permitted to persons who can demonstrate, by providing a copy of a valid government-issued vaccine certificate or equivalent, that they have been fully vaccinated.

    Alternatively please make sure you provide a Rapid Lateral Flow test which has been taken on the morning of the event or a max of 12 hours before you enter.

    • Social Distancing must be adhered to
    Visitors are encouraged to maintain a distance of 1.5m from other visitors for the duration of the event. To assist with this we will be limiting the number of people allowed into the venues and arranging the seating in such a way that social distancing will be enforced.
    • Temperature and details will be taken on entry
    In line with local government protocols, we will maintain a register of people admitted into the event along with taking their temperature. People who have a fever (indicated by a temperature of over 37 degrees C) will be denied entry into the venue. In addition, all visitors will be required to have their hands sanitised on entry, and we will encourage visitors to sanitise frequently.
    • Hygiene measures to be observed
    During the event:
    • All handles, door handles, light switches and commonly used surfaces to be cleaned with sanitiser daily;
    • Hand cleansers will be made available to everyone (unless they have their own).