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    Games for Change empowers game creators and social innovators to drive impact through digital games. Games for Change (G4C) based in New York, hosts multiple events and activations across the world throughout the year that bring together all facets of the video game and immersive media industries.

    Gaming is a rapidly growing and evolving field, driven by emerging technologies that are transforming the way we collaborate and communicate with each other. Through a variety of special initiatives and programs, G4C is fostering communities of practice for people of all ages  to collaboratively design the future of gaming, today.

    Games for Change Africa is the most recent addition to the G4C family, formally launched at African Games Week in February 2022. The creation of an African G4C chapter aims to bring together everyone interested in using games to drive social, learning, and business goals across the continent.

    Games for Change Africa is overseen by Sea Monster Entertainment.

    FEB 22

    Conference Program


    11:30 Serious games – Serious opportunities: Setting the scene – Glenn Gillis (Sea Monster Entertainment)
    12:00 How serious games can solve our wicked learning challenges: An African and global perspective.
    13:00 The business of serious gaming: How to unlock the economic potential of the gaming industry in Africa – Panel
    14:00 African serious games for health impact: Case studies and insights from the frontlines – Live Panel
    15:00 Inclusion and diversity: One of the main reasons serious games exist – Panel
    16:00 How do we take the African serious games industry forward? – Panel



    Games for Change