• Africa Games Week
  • Lars Espeter


    Game & Interactive Media lecturer

    Lars Espeter is the founder of the Game Graphics & Multimedia Entertainment Course at The Academy of Digital Arts, Cape Town as well as the founder of the Game Course at the Designschule Schwerin / Leipzig. He has been working in the game industry and has been applying game technology for many different purposes for over twenty years. Using game technology in all the different and amazing ways it can be used in is very rewarding. Lars has used it in games (obviously) but also for interactive presentations, augmented reality projects, advertising and even during corporate and student training. As lecturer he  teachs his students what they have to know to start a career involving game technology and how to use the different tools most effectively. But they also have to learn that doing continuous research is very important if you want to stay ahead of the curve. Lars Espeter’s goal  is to help make game development and the use of game technology a career and job provider in South Africa.