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    Teddy Kossoko


    Company – Masseka Games

    Founder of Masseka Game Studio, a video game company based in France and creating contents only on African stories, Teddy Kossoko with another company is developing Gara, a distribution platform to resolve the global distribution and monetization problems of mobile contents in Africa.”

    Odile Limpach


    Company – Spiel Fabrique

    Professor Odile Limpach teaches Economics and entrepreneurship at the Cologne Game Lab and is managing the Incubator of the CGL. She also is the co-founder of the accelerator SpielFabrique 360° and works as Strategic Consultant for serious games and cross-media projects. Between, 2007 and 2014, she was the managing director at the German entertainment software studio Blue Byte. Before she was the managing director of Ubisoft GmbH. She graduated from business school in France and completed her MBA in the USA. Odile Limpach is also involved as a volunteer in the areas of vocational training and creative industries development. Furthermore, she acts as an advisor (CCEF) for the French Ministry for International Business Development.

    Yves Le Yaouanq

    Chief Content Officer

    Company – FOCUS Entertainment

    Yves started his career 25 years ago in the games industry, first on MUDs and MMORPGs, to then join Ubisoft for 11 years in strategic positions to help expanding the PC and Online expertise, while building bridges with external developpers.
    In 2021, Yves joined Focus Entertainment as Chief Content Officer, to lead the Publishing and Acquisition Portfolio transformation, welcoming new games, talents and studios from accross the world.

    Yolanda K. Mogatus

    Creative Producer

    Company – 1000 Hugs Films

    Yolanda Keabetswe Mogatusi is a filmmaker and Content Creator with 12 years experience in the film and TV industry. Rapulani! the animated book and Rapz! the game, are her newest and first animated projects.

    Lars Espete

    Course Founder – Game & Interactive Media Development

    Company – Friends of Design

    Lars has been working in the game industry since 1993. In 2007 he developed his first 3-year game course for a German academy and ran it until 2014. In 2013 he developed and started the Game & Interactive Media Course at the Academy of Digital Arts in Cape Town. His alumni students work in the game industry and in many other industries.

    Hugo Obi


    Company – Maliyo Games

    Hugo Obi is the founder of Maliyo Games; a design studio known for developing African-inspired games for mobile devices. He is a pioneer in his field, having created gaming classics like Mosquito Smasher, Okada Rider, Aboki Run, and Whot King.

    Samia Chelbi


    Company – NetInfo 3D

    Samia Chelbi is a university teacher who has more than 25 years of experience in different fields which are tightly linked to creative technologies. The founder of the first school of 3D, animation, and video game in North Africa for more than a decade. she contributed forward to the progress of this industry in Tunisia and Africa.

    Douglas Ogeto

    Co-Founder and CEO

    Company – Ludique Works

    Douglas Ogeto is an entrepreneur with a Decade of experience in Technology, Branding & Community Building. He has played a key role in designing, planning, and executing entrepreneurship & impact-related projects in Sub-Saharan & West Africa, having worked both in the private and NGO sector. He’s passionate about building communities and accelerating ventures across Africa.

    Melissandre Monatus

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Company –  Kuhlturs

    Mélissandre Monatus is a marketing, comm., & event Consultant in the Video Game industry for 15 years (big publishers & indies). Since 2018, she promotes and coach African studios, and works as a lecturer in high schools.

    Chris Douglas

    Business Program Manager

    Company –  Xbox Game Studios

    Christopher Douglas, 39, was born and raised in his beloved city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Chris attended the prestigious St. Augustine High School, Xavier University of Louisiana and has always wanted to work for Microsoft since he was 12 years old (Xbox in specific since he was 19). He has 20 years of experience in the gaming industry, starting as a professional gamer in 2001. He currently serves the gaming community as a Program Manager and D&I lead for Xbox Game Studios Game Camp, which looks to demystify and democratize game development for underrepresented groups in gaming. Chris believes that extraordinary talent resides everywhere when given access to tools and resources while providing a network to thrive in, the mission statement of XGS Game Camp. He is passionate about providing access, awareness, and skills for gaming and technology to underserved communities, specifically, people of color and women. Chris credits his motivation and purpose to his greatest gift and creation, his only son, Chris Jr.

    Sithe Ncube

    Company –  Humble Games

    Sithe believes that more Africans should have a visible stake in the game development industry and benefit financially, culturally and socially from telling their own stories. She does her part by encouraging more people to make games. Sithe is currently an advisor for the Black Game Developer Fund and also documents the participation of African women in games through prosearium.net.

    Evan Greenwood

     Creative Director

    Company – Freelives

    Evan Greenwood is the founder and creative director of Free Lives, Africa’s most commercially successful independent game studio. Free Lives has created Broforce, Genital Jousting, Gorn and Cricket Through The Ages. These games have sold an awful lot of copies.

    Danny Day


    Company – QCF Design

    Danny is a South African game designer, programmer and community organizer with 16 years’ experience of not knowing what he’s doing. Danny has an IGF award for Desktop Dungeons, is a founder member of IESA, ran a dev community for a decade, and was once hit by a bus.

    Limpho Moeti

    Business Developer & Production

    Company –  Nyamakop

    Limpho Moeti previously worked at Free Lives (Broforce, Gorn) and was deputy festival director of South Africa’s playful media festival, Playtopia. Currently she works as a producer/biz dev at Nyamakop developing African-inspired video games.She is definitely not a robot sent from the future to destroy human but her boss did call her the nuclear bomb of bizdev.”

    Katleen Evers

    Head of the Game Maker Fund

    Company – The Sandbo

    With nearly 20 years of experience in the Gaming Industry, Katleen Evers, strongly believes in the importance of human capital, while also maintaining a good balance between business and technology perspective. As Head of The Game Maker Fund, she is handling a portfolio of over 50 projects that are supported by the GMF, managing the entire project lifecycle, from concept to launch, ensuring that all technical aspects are successfully delivered on time and within budget. An Entrepreneurial spirit, specializing in product management and digital transformation, building out cross-functional teams. Passionate believer of The Metaverse and the importance of DAO’s.

    Johana Riquier

    Founder & Business Strategist @ Gamerging Consulting

    Company – Gamerging

    Voted 100 GameIndustry.biz Game Changers in 2020, Johana is an award-winning diversity advocate, guest speaker, and business strategist.

    A gaming industry expert within EMEA markets, having secured government-level Gaming partnerships, Johana is known for her pioneering approach to economic developments.

    From developing business strategies at Unity technologies, a Real-time 3D platform, leader in mobile games development and immersive content development, Johana has founded Gamerging Consulting.

    The consulting agency focuses on disruptive innovation in Emerging Markets (Africa and the Middle East), leveraging Emerging technologies (Gaming, Immersive Technologies, AI/ML).

    Thor Myrdal

    Business Development Manager

    Company – Nordic Game Discovery Contest

    Thor joined Nordic Game in 2021. His journey started over two decades ago with metal bands and transformed into a professional obsession with the writing, production, and performance of audio material. Since he has been involved with event-making for the majority of his life, he decided to also join forces with Nordic Game in Business Development, Co-Moderation, and execution of the NGDC and conference.

    Vic Bassey

    Founder / Editor at GamesIndustryAfrica.com (GIA)

    Company – Games Industry Africa (GIA)

    Vic Bassey is a regular fixture of the games industry and works as business development manager at the indie publisher – Raw Fury. He is also a contributor to GamesIndustry.biz, an advisor to Griffin Gaming Partners as well as the founder and editor of GamesIndustryAfrica.com.
    As a veteran of the games industry, he has successfully mentored game studios, sat on numerous juries and advisories including most recently Batch54, which supports budding studios from emerging markets.

    Wendi Ndaki


    Company – Games Industry Africa (GIA)

    Wendi Ndaki is a visual artist and a writer who is passionate about the fusion of art and technology. As a result, she likes to refer to herself as @wendiartit on all social media platforms. She has worked in the gaming industry as a writer for 3 years now and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems Technology. She writes for Games Industry Africa.

    Ojo Stephen

    Freelance Writer

    Company – Games Industry Africa (GIA)

    Stephen Ojo is a Nigerian Legal Practitioner with keen interest in the intersection between Gaming, Esports and Law. He is currently a freelance writer for Games Industry Africa, which is Africa’s leading site on Gaming.

    MADIBA Guillaume Olivier


    Company – Kiro’o Games

    MADIBA Olivier is the founder of Kiroo Games, the first video game studio in Cameroon. The studio has produced Aurion l’Héritage des Kori-Odan, the world’s first African fantasy video game for PC. Aurion is also adapted into a comic book for the general public (already 2 volumes on Amazon) and a cartoon. Born in Douala in 1985, he holds a secondary school diploma (Bac C) from Joss High School and a degree in computer science from the University of Yaoundé 1, MADIBA Olivier is self-taught in his current profession (Video game designer). Today, his team and he are creating the Most Scalable Gaming Catalogue from Africa: www.kirooworld.com.

    Pontus Mahler

    Director of business development

    Company – Global Top Round

    Pontus “Zlapped” Mahler is an ex-professional gamer who has attended and won multiple tournaments globally in Heroes of Newerth. He simultaneously ran his Twitch & Youtube and had over 40M views and 300,000+ followers. He transitioned from a player to a CEO of an Esport company in Thailand and managed over 80 athletes and influencers. Now he’s transitioned to Director at GXC (HQ of Global Top Round & Game Round) and uses his knowledge and experience from his pro-gaming career as well as his Esport and Gaming consulting for major companies to assist gaming startups & publishers grow. Pontus primarily leads Investor & Publishing relations for the various portfolio companies under GTR securing long-term partnerships and strategy for Game Round.

    Khumo Morena

    African Video Game Developer + Senior Graphic Designer

    Company – Africa Space Programme Video Games and Design Studio

    African Video Game Developer passionate about African Video Games, African Video Game Players and African Developers. *World Record holder for the number of times you can write ‘African’ in a sentence. MSc Video Games Enterprise, Production & Design. Birmingham City University. Birmingham. UK PhD Candidate. Research Subject: African Video Game Players. Stellenbosch University. Stellenbosch. SA

    Nomsa Mlambo

    Live Operations Manager

    Company – Carry1st

    Nomsa is a User Experience Professional focused on Live Operations in the mobile gaming industry. She is passionate about creating user journeys that delight players and enjoys running experiments on user behaviours.

    Bhavanesh Parbhoo

    Dealmaker, Digital Media

    Company – Industrial Development Corporation  (IDC)

    Bhavanesh is a passionate development financier with a keen interest in digital media. He has vast experience in looking at transactions in the wider media space. When he’s not helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses, he enjoys reading, ranking up in CODM, and hiking.

    Nick Hall

    Business Development Manager

    Company – Renderheads

    Nicholas Hall is South Africa’s leading lawyer in the digital entertainment industry. Nicholas has worked and trained at one of South Africa’s leading ICT law firms.

    Nicholas is very well known in the South African video games industry (where he is a founding member and chair of Make Games South Africa the largest online community for game developers in South Africa, and CEO of the local industry association for video game development, Interactive Entertainment South Africa.).

    Alderman Smith

    Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security

    Ald Smith works with a variety of NGOs that assist homeless children and adults. His interests include paragliding, kayaking, politics, reading, IT and gadgets of all descriptions, science and technology, organized electronic sports and computer network gaming, cinema, table-top, simulation and board games, animals, travelling and exploring the diversity of people and cultures.