• Africa Games Week

    MGA 2020 PROGRAM

    Thurs 1 December

    Fri 2nd Dec


    Doing Biz Dev from Africa: Lessons learnt & Q&A Session with Limpho Moeti
     Africa Games Week – Thierry Baujard – Spiel Fabrique
     Q&A Session – Co-Production for Game Development in Africa – Spiel Fabrique
    Africa Games Week – Justin Berenbaum – Xsolla
    Q&A Session – Launch, Monetize, and Scale with XSOLLA
    Africa Games Week – Amel Negra & Chema Damak – UNITY
    Q&A Session – Cross-platform game engine development with UNITY
    Africa Games Week – Bhavanesh Parbhoo – Dealmaker (IDC)
    Q&A Session – Funding Opportunities with the IDC
    Africa Games Week 2020 – Nordic Game Discovery Contest
    AFRICA GAMES WEEK 2020 + FEJA 4 – Parallel Events Panel – Digital
    Africa Games Week – Allan Cudicio – The Wagadu Chronicles 
    Q&A Session – The Wagadu Chronicles & The Quest for Funding
    Africa Games Week – Lars Espeter – Friends of Design
    Q&A Session – Friends of Design – African Game Developers Discovery 
    Africa Games Week – Games for Change – Susanna & Dalton
    Q&A Session – Explore the positive power of digital games with Games4Change
    Africa Games Week – Nick Hall – IESA
    Q&A Session – Dissection of a South African Game Development Studio with IESA
    AFRICA GAMES WEEK – Danielle Udogaranya – Ebonix
    Q&A Session – Making the Sims more Representative with Ebonix