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    Lerato Maleswena is a Cape Town-based creative entrepreneur and owner of 20Across, a PR and talent management agency.

    Sinister 5

    Joined the scene in 2016 as a competitive CS: GO player who recently discovered her passion for working behind the scenes of this machine we call the esports community


    Ginger Streamer, Professional High Pitched Screamer, and Entertainer Extraordinaire!

    Super Dave

    Super Dave plays video games in he’s Mama’s House and is the founder of The Idiot’s Guide To Gaming

    Heinrich van Heerden

    I believe that you always need to bring something fresh to any platform on which you create. This is how you stand out.

    Ambel Barnard

    Ambel is a Twitch Affiliate and gaming content creator based in Cape Town. She also presents gaming content and news for TV and online shows as well as guest lectures on live streaming.

    Tech Girl

    Esports Shoutcaster & Gaming content creator

    Chloe Geraghty

    Content creator and Twitch live game streamer from Johannesburg.


    Ctrlaltquin is a trans, non-binary variety broadcaster. Quin advocates for LGBTQIA+ rights, diversity and inclusion in gaming.

    Grizzzly Gaming

    I’m a 27 year old South African fulltime variety twitch streamer and content creator of the last 3 years

    Pippa Tshabalala

    I’m a content creator and producer working in the television industry. I love everything to do with video games.

    Paradise Games

    Sidick is the founder and CEO of Paradise Game, a beacon for esports and video games in West Africa.

    Ruthy on Fire

    Ruthy 0n fire is a queer, autistic gamer & content creator from South Africa with a passion for inclusivity and a love for all things geeky.

    Nicholas van J

    Nicholasvanj is a Zimbabwean-born South African content creator promoting diversity and inclusion in queer-created spaces for everyone to create, engage, and socialize with like-minded people in a wholesome community environments.


    Esport investor, owner of ATK arena, Father, occasional SIM racer, CS and Overwatch fanboy.

    Emerge Gaming

    Nic is an innovative and successful businessman with a flair for identifying and successfully developing commercial business opportunities. With his enthusiastic and optimistic approach to handling business issues he encourages and motivates the people around him to thinking and living media communication.


    Raymond is a Chartered Accountant is the CEO of ITTHYNK Gaming. He is the Co-Founder of Diski Nine9, a Soweto based sport-for-development NGO.


    Time Magazine’s Person of the Year in 2006

    Kelly KiKx

    Kelly KiKx is a Creative influencer, Dancer and variety streamer, newly adding her love of gaming into her love of content creation. She started her career in content to creation in 2013 on YouTube and has had the honour of speaking at the 2017 Fancon ComicCon Event in CPT.

    Hyper Layer

    Waseem is a content creator known for his love for horror games and the scares that follow. He streams on twitch and is partnered with Streamloots. His community loves scaring him with Streamloots horror cards and controlling his in-game actions.

    Hashtag Chess (Rebecca)

    Rebecca (HashtagChess) is one of SA’s top female chess players. She’s a Twitch partner and streams chess and variety content.


    Chani” Alexander is a South African gaming creator with a background in esports commentary. Between YouTube, Twitch and TikTok, Chani can be found creating content focused around The Sims 4, asking “what’s for lunch” on Twitter or finding ways to talk about her cats.

    Game Tester

    Brand Ambassador by day, VTuber and World Creator by night. SyerNide (Dylan) works in the background of streaming and broadcast solving the real problems.

    The Punishers Gaming Organisation

    “I aspire to make a mark in the South African and International eSports Community. I’m dedicated to working with adynamic group of young talent, to help them showcase their abilities. Committed to helping each individual reach new heights and letting them realise their own potential through media, creating a career path for their futures.”

    Grant Hinds

    “Grant Hinds, is a renowned South African YouTuber, gaming and tech guru whose channel focuses on gaming. When not playing games, he splits his time between being a YouTube Marketer and a video games and tech contributor for various South African television shows and print magazines such as Expresso Morning Show, Tech Report and GQ Magazine. Hinds also frequents many of the nerd culture events such as Playtopia, Fancon, and rAge Expo. A fully qualified Art Director, Grant graduated from the internationally renowned AAA School of Advertising in Cape Town, South Africa.”

    Render Heads

    Nicholas Hall is South Africa’s leading lawyer in the digital entertainment industry. Nicholas has worked and trained at one of South Africa’s leading ICT law firms. Nicholas is very well known in the South African video games industry (where he is a founding member and chair of Make Games South Africa the largest online community for game developers in South Africa, and CEO of the local industry association for video game development, Interactive Entertainment South Africa.).

    Das Kapital

    Music Producer. Content Creator. Designer. DJ. Radio Presenter at 5FM. Voiceover Artist. Creative Director of Mad Dogs Clothing. Footwear enthusiast.

    Nibble Esports

    Glenn Kisela is the co-owner and creative director of NIBBLE Esports, one of the fastest-growing esports & lifestyle brands in the country.

    Mettlestate (E_sports)

    With 30 years’ experience in esports and gaming ranging from competing to managing and now running the leading esports production house and tournament organization in South Africa. I live eat and breathe esports and gaming.


    I’m here to co-create beautiful, valuable platforms, products, and experiences that serve the underserved and overlooked in society.

    Gael Level

    I’m Gael Level, a French, full-time multimedia creator. I’ve been making music, photos, and videos for 10+ years but I went full time 3 years ago. My main content is focused on helping others become better content creators no matter their budget. I do almost everything myself and really enjoy the process of making a project come true from brainstorm to reality. Gael Level is a name that fits really well with my main content since my viewers are mostly gamers.


    “Born and proudly raised in South Africa Samkelo ‘Samplayze’ Khoza has spent the better part of his life cultivating and growing a massive fan base via YouTube & Twitch in the span of 6 years. Sam has hosted and sponsored his own tournaments.”


    Have You Heard

    Ryan has been at the forefront of influence marketing and marketing innovation for over 18 years. Having started his career within various marketing departments in global companies, Ryan was frustrated with the traditional advertising approach and so in 2008 founded haveyouheard, an agency immersed in culture and with the ability to influence it. Since then, haveyouheard has been recognised as one of the 100 most innovative companies in the world and Ryan, himself has been recognised as one of the 30 most innovative business leaders in Africa.