• Africa Games Week
  • Danielle Udogaranya

    London – UK

    Ebonix / Content Creator | Twitch Partner | EA Game Changer | Advocate For Gaming Diversity & Representation

    Seeing Me, Seeing You, Seeing Us – Bringing Culture To The Sims

    Danielle is a Content Creator, Twitch Partner, EA Game Changer and self-taught 3D artist. Since 2015, Danielle took it upon herself to learn 3D modelling so that she could create hairs, clothes and accessories so that she could feel represented in games that she frequented, such as The Sims 4. Sharing her content with others, who also didn’t feel represented, brought her a community who shared her concerns about the lack of content available to create characters that look like them. Danielle has since developed a vast follow base and become an advocate for diversity and representation in gaming and has been featured on BBC Africa, BBC World News, The Guardian, Red Bull Gaming, Polygon, Eurogamer, Quirktastic, Dazed, TwoFiveSix and more for her afrocentric content. She has helped consult The Sims on their diversity initiatives, including She advocates for gaming diversity and representation, and her goal is to enable POC to see themselves represented in every game, not just The Sims.