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    Make Games, Africa (MGA) is a professional conference and workshop event bringing international investors, publishers and speakers to the Sub-Saharan market. MGA looks to fill a massive gap in the regional market for an international facing B2B event that will bring key stakeholders, not usually accessible to local players, to them. The goal is to drive discussion and learning that takes into account our local reality and business environments, something which international conferences do not do.

    MGA is also an opportunity to introduce African development talent to potential locally-based clients in a bid to grow local demand for locally produced games and games services.

    DEC 2022

    Conference Program

    DAY 2


    10:00 – 13:00

    WORKSHOP : Epic Games – Create Your First Mini Game with Unreal Engine 5

    Targeted at students with some prior object-oriented programming and 3D content creation experience; will accelerate their transition to Unreal. Attendees will learn how to build a beautiful virtual world and create an engaging mini-game in Unreal Engine 5, from beginning to end.

    Learning Outcomes

    – Rapid prototyping of gameplay using blueprint visual scripting

    – Import hard surface models for environmental scene construction.

    – Deploy effective lighting and material systems to create a stylized look.

    – Understand and utilize the character ingestion pipeline to animate characters

    – Packaging a game as an executable

    Prerequisites and Prereads

    EPIC will be providing training using VIRTUAL MACHINES which allows you to work on Unreal Engine 5 without having a subscription or license for the duration of the training.

    Please see info on your computer system requirements below: https://docs.unrealengine.com/5.0/en-US/hardware-and-software-specifications-for-unreal-engine/

    Software: Epic Games Launcher, Unreal Engine 5

    14:00 – 17:00

    WORKSHOP : GOOGLE AppHub Apps & Gaming

    Covering a wide range of Google solutions and best practices from App Store Optimisation, export opportunities, advertising with Ads, monetisation with AdMob, Firebase insights to YouTube Shorts.

    Partner Spotlight Q&A : Carry 1st, Maliyo Games, Prebo Digital

    Sign up here – https://bit.ly/GoogleWSsignup


    14:00 WORKSHOP : Building blocks to better relationships with French Delegation with Julie Bonnecarrère, Davy Chadwick and Philippe Tesson + Q&A moderated by Katleen Evers
    15:00 WORKSHOP : Everything you need to know hosted by Temi Afolabi, Xbox GXI Manager, Africa
    16:00 Regulatory Update with Pieter Koornhof, COO, 24 Bit Games, Jesse-Lee Wrensch, Associate at Michalsons, Nicholas Hall, CFO, Renderheads

    DAY 3


    09:30 Building your Game for Portability by Luke Lamothe, 24BitGames
    10:45 Fireside Chat: How I Fundraised and Grew my Gaming Business with Olivier Madiba, Founder of Kiro’o Games
    11:15 Inside one of the world’s largest independent GaaS companies & the road to 3rd Party Publishing, hosted by Stewart Stanbury, JAGEX
    12:00 PANEL – Gaming on the continent, 5 years from now Hosted By Nick Hall, with David Olamide, Dimension11 Games, Michael Oscar Esio, Africacomicade, Sunday Akor, Honest Chronicle, Danny Day QCF Design, Vipin Dhunnoo, Consultant and Raymond Lebwaba, ITTHYNK
    12:30 Work for Hire with Antonio Papa, SRI
    13:00 My Story hosted by Teninke Camara, Blind Bend Studios


    14:00 African Games Co-production Market presented by Odile Limpach, Cofounder, SpielFabrique and Melissa Neu, AGCM Project Manager
    14:30 WORKSHOP : Phidget with Shane Marks, Renderheads
    15:00 Pitch Deck Reviews: Hosted by Yves Le Yaouangq, Focus Entertainment
    16:00 Wrap up of all things Make Games Africa

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