• Africa Games Week


    AFRICA GAMES WEEK is the largest gathering of African game developers, exporters and leaders in the world and this year is pushing the boundaries to make sure the African industry is meeting and building a community to develop the industry.


    The AFRICAN GAME INDUSTRY has recently had a massive boost with new; international co-production treaties signed, international studios and game houses setup, and learning and education facilities being launched, which is super exciting for the future of the industry.


    AFRICA GAMES WEEK is the game industry curated event that strives to shine a spotlight on the creatives and businesses rising around Africa. Our mandate is to discover, engage, connect and expose the amazing talent and opportunities that exist and we can only do that by developing a community of African Game Industry representatives that can lead the narrative.

    This year the AFRICA GAMES WEEK is dynamically focused on developing relationships between the industry and its verticals and will hosts multi-industry vertical conferences under its banner including Make Games Africa, Mobile Growth Summit Africa, Games for Change Africa and Africa StreamCon, with a few more awesome things in the works.


    Where will it Happen: Live in Cape Town, South Africa


    For sponsorship opportunities or other details
    contact info@gamesweek.co.za