Jaco Sauer

RGB Gaming, Co-Founder & GM

Jaco is a dynamic professional with a decade of diverse experience spanning technology and its usage, marketing, and retail. Rooted in his unwavering self-belief and dedication to personal and professional growth, Jaco maximizes his technology literacy, love for gaming, and shear passion for education to his advantage.

His expertise within the telecommunications, media and gaming sector intersects seamlessly with his roles in the dynamic gaming industry. With a track record that encompasses a variety of technologies, EdTech integration and marketing projects, Jaco’s journey has been characterized by versatility and success.

A notable role in his career is his position as the Co-Founder and GM of RGB Gaming. In this role, Jaco is at the forefront of advancing eSports development in educational institutions. His leadership involves steering comprehensive programs in coaching, compliance, social media management, and more. Jaco's commitment lies in empowering institutions to not only thrive in eSports but also integrate gamification into education effectively.

Jaco's history includes pivotal roles such as Sales Director and Business Development Director with both local and global companies. These experiences underscore his strategic prowess in fostering services growth and conceptualizing value-added solutions.

Furthermore, Jaco's previous responsibilities bring unique perspectives to his involvement in the gaming industry. With roles like Category Manager and MEA Solutions Manager, he managed portfolios, provided invaluable marketing insights, and contributed to critical product and process decisions. His adeptness in shaping processes and collaborating across diverse teams significantly contributed to his achievements and understanding complex environments and ecosystems. Those roles formed part of his journey in understanding after-sales support and channel development, nurturing vendor relationships and implementing strategic initiatives.

Jaco excels at the intersection of education, technology, business development, and marketing, but he also has a healthy understanding THAT PEOPLE ENJOY HAVING FUN.**

11:30 AM - 12:15 PM | Seminar Room B

2nd of December DAY 3 | PGA

Empowering Education through Esports & Casual Gaming

Unleashing the Future of Learning in Schools! Join our panelists with experience ranging from gamifying learning to bridging esports and education, the future of gaming and students is undoubtedly linked.